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Broker loses unfair dismissal claim from City traders after abuse complaints

September 22 2014

A former broker who worked in London’s Canary Warf has lost his employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Australian Robert Bou-Simon claimed he was unfairly dismissed from City firm BGC Partners after staff turned against him because of his weight.

The Telegraph reports that Mr Bou-Simon refused to take part in an initiation ceremony called “the run”, which involved having water and “other liquids” thrown at him.

One BGC staff member told him it was “un-Australian” not to take part in the initiation, the tribunal heard.

But Judge Bernice Elgot said he was “not the only object of ridicule and insult” at BGC Partners and rejected his claim of unfair dismissal.

She said that unpleasant insults on the trading floor were “common” and that Mr Bou-Simon “gave worse than he got”.

Judge Elgot also said comments made between traders on an instant messaging service were often homophobic, racist and sexist.

“Some of the comments about the individuals are offensive and contain the most personal of insults,” she said.

Mr Bou-Simon had admitted using personally insulting and obscene language towards others.

The Judge added that colleagues had “deplored his methods generally and particularly his personal attacks on some junior staff”.

Mr Bou-Simon had been employed on a salary of £500,000 but this was cut in half after he failed to make a million dollars a month.

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